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Autobiography: Fawaz Amajida

Hello, my name is Fawaz Amajida, call me Fawaz. I am fifteen years old, I was born in Subang on April 7, 2002. My hobbies are travelling, playing guitar, playing badminton, and others. I don't have certain favorite food, because almost all of foods is my favorites. I have a sister, she's very different person with me, there's always conflicts, lots of differences, but that's what bring my family closer. When I was six years old, I dreamed to be an astronaut, going to the moon, and exploring the universe. I also dreamed to be an army because it's cool. I grew up, once I was 11 years old, I dreamed to make my own air plane, like B. J. Habibie did, the 3rd president of the Indonesian nation. Maybe my passion was astronomy and flying stuff. I like to know the unknown, discovering all the parts of the universe. But when I was fifteen years old, my imagination blured, all my dreams like splitting up, maybe I'm being more rational. Now, I alsi want to be a doctor to cure people, to help others.
Two months ago, I celebrated my graduation from SMPN 1 Subang. Now, I am a student of SMAN 3 Bandung. I'm from Subang, studying in Bandung because next, I want to study at ITB or UNPAD or STAN. In Subang I live at RA Kartini Street no. 74, but here in Bandung I stay at Jalan Kalimantan 12. It's rather difficult to stay away from parents, but it is a challenge for me to be more independent. I must succeed, I must work hard, and I must make them proud of me.
Autobiography: Fawaz Amajida
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